Active Surveillance as a Service

Senior Design Capstone Project

Cleveland State University

Our senior design capstone team consisted of two students from each of three engineering disciplines: mechanical, electrical, and computer. We worked on creating a software prototype to connect to security cameras for monitoring, detecting, and predicting crime throughout a city, and tracking evading suspects in real-time to alert law enforcement of their location when a crime is committed. We tested the software using publicly available IP cameras and used machine learning to analyze the video feeds in real-time to identify individual people and track them from camera to camera. Currently, Video Surveillance as a Service simply streams video feeds from security cameras to a tablet, smartphone, or computer. Our system demonstrated the possibly of having an Active Surveillance as a Service solution, actually analyzing the videos in real-time for direct response to a situation as opposed to a passive, retroactive response. Our project placed 1st in the college among 60 senior design projects spanning six engineering fields.

Proposal Presentation

October 23, 2015

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Current State

Currently, when a crime is committed, it is relatively easy for a suspect (shown in red) to evade law enforcement authorities.

Desired State

The goal of our project was to use a network of cameras in a city to automatically ID and track crime suspects across a city to alert law enforcement of their whereabouts.

Methods for Implementation

On the left is a high-level view of our system architecture. On the right is our initial rendering of how the system will be viewed on the device of a law enforcement officer.

Proof of Concept

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Benfold, Ben, and Ian Reid. Stable multi-target tracking in real-time surveillance video.

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2011 IEEE Conference on. IEEE, 2011.

Design Presentation

December 4, 2015

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First Place Senior Design Project

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Final Report and Poster Presentation

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