Humanitarian Aid Mission Trip

Scornicesti, Olt County, Romania

Countryside Mission

Universitatea Emanuel din Oradea

During the summer after my freshman year of college (2013), I went on a humanitarian aid trip with my church to the impoverished southern Romanian countryside, to the city of Scornicesti in Olt County, Romania. (I also went on an aid trip to this part of Romania in the summer after my junior year of high school, but this page will focus on my trip during college.) There we collaborated with the only church within a fifty mile radius to take food and hygiene supplies to the disabled, unemployed, and elderly. We also did community projects such as picking up litter off the streets, park beautification, and having barbeque and game nights for the people in the village, particularly the youth. This experience made me realize how blessed I am and how much I have to offer those who are not as fortunate.

My first design project also took place on this trip, where we poured a concrete sidewalk for a village pharmacy and my design advice was preferred by the village mayor. The sidewalk needed to take a turn in order to reach the pharmacy door, but we were running out of cement as well as physical space between the edge of the sidewalk and the nearby fence. The mayor had us follow my suggestion, which was to make the corner of the sidewalk tapered at the turn instead of simply a right angle in order to save material and make it more compact, as well as more aesthetically pleasing.






TRIP REPORT (2011 trip)

In Romanian.

At local church in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland Romanian Baptist Church

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